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About Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill reside in the Greenwich Village area of New York City.
Jack is 47 years old. He has been involved in the swinging lifestyle, both as a promoter and participant since his early twenties. His background in club and entertainment marketing, as well as his experience in swinging lends to his insights into the lifestyle. 
Jill, 35 years old, prior to meeting Jack, had never participated in the lifestyle. With Jack she’s been swinging for four years and has been to events throughout the US and Canada. 
Both Jack and Jill review all questions. When their opinions differ, both are stated. Please note that there are no finite set of rules to swinging and the answers here are the opinions of Jack and Jill, however they do reflect the overall ideals of Adult Socials.
In addition to their column, they counsel couples and individuals (privately and at seminars) on the subject of swinging, as well as, host lifestyle events throughout the US and Canada. As a couple, they bring a unique mix from both the male and female perspective.
Currently they are also working on a nonfiction novel on swinging written from a couple’s point of view. The novel draws on their experiences as well as hundreds of other couples involved in swinging throughout North America. The books intent is to quell myths and prejudices, while addressing issues that couples and individuals, novice and veteran, face.
Jack and Jill are not their real names. Like most couples involved in swinging, they feel the need to keep their real identities, for the time being, private. They welcome the time when society becomes accepting enough of swinging where discretion will not be a necessity but a choice. They are both working towards that goal.
At Adult Socials, we welcome differing viewpoints from the Swinger Community. If you disagree with any of the comments on this page and want the chance to have your remarks posted, please feel free to put your comments into an email. All correspondence is strictly confidential. Personal email addresses and full names are never posted. In the event that we receive numerous rebuttals, we will post the most concise and well written (in our opinion). 
While we cannot guarantee the posting of your email Jack and Jill make every attempt to answer the numerous correspondences they receive each week.
Questions, comments and/or rebuttals to Jack and Jill should be sent to