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Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean? This age old question, referring to penis size, has sparked debates for years. Even with medical advances and plenty of studies, it seems we still can’t come up with a clear answer.

According to a new study, women who have frequent vaginal orgasms are more likely to prefer well endowed men. Wow, shocking! I’m glad science has been able to clear that up for us.

The study concluded that 33.8% of the women questioned did in fact prefer longer than average penises. Still the study, which you can read more about here, doesn’t seem to take girth into account at all. Plus how can you take into account that some of the men with longer penises may have just been better at the “motion” than their “smaller” counterparts? I would imagine that it’s quite possible that men who have larger penises many also have more confidence in bed, which can make all the difference in sexual performance.

Really though, it’s common sense that any women who prefers or is prone to orgasm mainly from vaginal stimulation, is also going to prefer or perhaps even require a penis of a certain length and/or girth to achieve orgasm. Whether men want to accept it or not, there are plenty of women that just enjoy the added friction of a bigger penis.

On the other hand, men with smaller than average penises shouldn’t worry. Plenty of women can achieve orgasm without vaginal intercourse at all. For many women it is the stimulation of the clitoris that truly sets them off. Besides, 6.3% of the women in the study mentioned earlier, actually preferred shorter penises. Not to mention the 60% that claimed that size made no difference. Sixty percent! Personally, I’m quite curious as to where they found such an incredibly diplomatic group of females.

There are even some benefits to consider when it comes to smaller penises. Women with sensitive gag reflexes are better able to accommodate them when it comes to fellatio, and let’s not get started on the trouble a large penis could cause when it comes to anal sex.

Most discussions on penis size and female orgasm also fail to take into account the power a women’s brain has when it comes to sexual pleasure. Female orgasms are exceptionally complex and cortical stimulation can actually help to trigger an orgasm. Some believe that the brain is actually the most important organ when it comes to achieving orgasm for women. I agree with that notion.

Both men and women should stop worrying about their bodies and performance. Instead they should relax and focus on their feelings, sensations, and stimulations. This will make sex more enjoyable for all, regardless of penis size.

Still, I’m always curious to know what others think, so ladies (and gentlemen) what’s your opinion? Comment and let me know!

Is it the size of the boat or the motion of the ocean?
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