Most men complain about the limited success they achieve from the various online swinger sites. Some fault the sites or prejudges against single men while others assume it’s their personal lack of appeal.

While single men are at an obvious disadvantage, not everyone can be a Don Juan, and it is important to pick the right site for you. Often times the failure falls not on the site or the individual’s inadequacies, but rather how the online profile was written.

Below are some suggestions to help make any profile more appealing.

1. Create a unique profile name.

Your profile name is the very first thing someone sees. Try and pick one that will convey something about you and or what you are looking for. Geographical, physical, social and or national references work equally well.

2. Post a g-rated picture.

– Your G rated photo should be clear and current one. If you have to block out your face fine but at least show a full body shot. Also be prepared to send the unblocked version prior to meeting.

– Most swinger websites have the ability to create private photo albums. No matter how hot you think you are or how big your dick is, keep X-rated shots private unless requested.

– Stay away from professional/glamour shots, they tend to look like the photo was lifted off the net.

– Stay away of picture with children; it is kinda creepy on a swinger website.

– Stay away of pictures that contain your ex-girlfriend. Again that is kinda weird and it will not help you meet new girls.

3. Be specific.

Stay away from generic words like tall, short, average, thick, thin etc. If you do use them add facts to complete the visual. For example, if you are 5’10” 180 write that you are 5’10” 180. If you are 45 say it, don’t write mid 40’s (or worse middle aged).

4. Refrain from employing opinionated terms.

“Very good looking” and “looks much younger” are not only overused, they are relative to an individual’s viewpoint.

5. Avoid being too negative.

No one wants to read the sob story of how you just broke up with your girlfriend / wife on your profile. Instead you can simply state that you “just got out of a relationship” – that statement says it all without sounding depressing.

6. Be polite.

Yes we know it’s a swinger site, but that doesn’t mean you have to be crass. Lines like “looking for a bitch to drain my snake” will not garner many positive responses.

7. If English is not your primary language, then say so.

People are much more forgiving of spelling and grammar errors if English is not your first language.

We will post more items on how to fair better with an online profile for both single women and couples …. more later.


Tips on how to create your online profile
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