As reported by “Deadline” there is a new “reality” series is heading to TV. The following is a excerpt from the full article located here.

“The world of swingers is mythologized in American pop culture, but very few people outside of it have seen it,” Frankel said. And many would be surprised looking in, he said. “What we have seen on shows about swingers are primarily older hippies, fringe people who are a little bit dirty. What we found are elite groups of people in upscale communities who are good-looking and have money and access. That glossy version is much more interesting to watch.” The series was cast after an extensive casting process, Frankel said, adding that “it took awhile to convince people to trust us and to convince them that the show was not going to be exploitative but just document people who are fairly normal but chose to do live their relationships on the edge.”

We will wait to see if the series actually depicts real swingers.

Swingers “Reality” series to head to TV
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