An off premise party generally refers to an event where sexual activity is not permitted on the premises. Granted there might be some kissing between the women but in theory, if you were to view an “off” premise event it would appear no different from any other non-swinger event.

On the other hand, a Jack and Jill party generally refers to masturbation parties. Depending on the region and or the promoter running the event, this could mean touching oneself while looking at others doing the same, with no physical interaction between anyone. It could also denote physical interaction between you and your partner, while looking at other couples doing the same. Kind of like live porno, some couples prefer this to out and out swinging in that they feel they are still holding true to their vow of monogamy.

Many couples have used Jack and Jill parties as a way to ease into swinging, a testing of the waters so to speak, before going on to other more interactive pursuits, while others are satisfied staying at that level.

What is a Jack and Jill Party?