Original Air Date March 8, 2018

On this special episode Jack shares some never-been-heard-before interviews from November’s Bliss Cruise. Listen in is as Jack and Jill talk to two different couples that are active lifestyle members that also run swinger events, as well as comedian Rob Little.

First Jack talks to John and Tracey. John and Tracey are swingers that promote swinger events at Club Whisprrz, a swinger house party event in Pembroke, Massachusetts. The group chats about the good and bad when it comes to running lifestyle house parties.

Next Jack interviews Dave and Cindy from Virginia’s Secret, an exclusive on-premise swingers club. He talks to them about the process of attending their exclusive events and more.

The final interview is with popular comedian Rob Little, who happened to be performing on the cruise. Jack talks to Rob about how these cruises compare to vanilla events, how he got into comedy and more.

Club Whisprrz SLS Group

Virginia’s Secret

Comedian Rob Little

The Swinger Lifestyle #125 – Bliss Cruise Interviews