Original Air Date: March 22, 2018

This week’s guest is erotic author TylerRose. TylerRose currently has 25 volumes of her writings for sale on Amazon. She is the author of the Bondage Award winning novels Peeper and Arlyn the Deliverer and Best Cartoon winner, Beleagrrred Sadist.

TylerRose was also a former maker of an array of leather goods. From collars to floggers and paddles, her pieces sold around the world for ten years. She turned to writing and publishing in 2010.

TylerRose also identifies as a sadomasochist and is moderately active in NYC’s BDSM and swinger scenes. She has had three decades of experience with Dom/sub relationships.

Listen in as Jack talks to TylerRose about her experiences in the scene, her writings and much more.

TylerRose’s Books on Amazon


The Swinger Lifestyle #127 – TylerRose