Original Air Date: April 19, 2018

Our special guest this week is Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante. Listen in to listen to Jack and Dr. Plante discuss all things furry related. This is an interesting and informative episode that is both eye-opening and a lot fun!

Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante is a social psychologist and co-founder of, and lead analyst at, FurScience!, an international team of social scientists studying the furry fandom. His research interests include the functions of fantasy, media immersion, and the benefits of fandom engagement in fandoms including anime fans, bronies, furries, and fantasy sport fans. His work has been published in peer-reviewed psychological and interdisciplinary journals, as well as in several book chapters and his own self-published book, entitled FurScience! He has also been an active member of the furry fandom for 12 years.


The Swinger Lifestyle #131 – Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante