Our 5 Favorite News Stories from June 2015


June has come to an end and things are really starting to heat up as July rolls on in! Let’s recap some of our favorite news stories from the past month. Here at Adult Socials we want to make sure you always stay in the know..


5. The Struggles of a Nashville Area Swingers Club Turned Church


The story about a swingers club near Nashville, Tennessee, posing as a church gave us quite a few laughs when we first heard about it back in April. The Social Club, a popular swingers club hoping to open a new location decided to illustrate the arbitrary nature of zoning laws by attempting to win approval by claiming to be a church!

They were initially unable to operate thanks to the zoning laws, which were purposely amended in order to stop them. So they followed suit by amending their business plans. Many sited their location next to a Christian children’s school as their main concern, however the club certainly had no plans to operate during school hours. It should also be noted that this is an off-premise club, so sexual activity wasn’t being permitted on the premises either.

Unfortunately the news by the end of June was that it’s already being shut down by the fire marshal for holding a “social club” event without having the necessary city permits. This didn’t come as much of a surprise since the club was widely scrutinized after it attempted to get around zoning laws by claiming to be a church.

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** We’re now hearing that the original location of The Social Club in downtown Nashville went up in flames just a few days ago! (ABC News 2) Fire at former home of The Social Club in Nashville deemed suspicious




4. Keeping Closer Tabs on Your Sexual Activity


Tracking sexual activity was all the rage in June! Many online news outlets mentioned a product called The Lovely, a sex toy that can be worn to enhance pleasure with vibrations, while simultaneously monitoring and collecting data to make suggestions that can improve your sex life.

That’s not all though, we also discovered that Apple will be helping you keep track of your sexual activity as well. As part of their iOS 9 release coming in the fall, we they will be updating their HealthKit platform with the option to record details about how often you have sex.

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3. Condoms That Detect STIs?


A big story recently was the one about the three teenage boys in England that won a TeenTech Award for their idea for an STI-detecting condom. However, it turns out their idea for a condom that would change color when coming into contact with a sexually transmitted infection, is only that – an idea. Misleading headlines led many to believe that they actually invented these condoms but it may not even be possible to produce them after all. The boys say their invention is still in the concept stage. Kudos to the young men for trying to come up with innovative ways to keep sex safer and good luck making these condoms a reality!

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2. “Call Me Caitlyn”


June was all about Miss Caitlyn Jenner! Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, famous for being an Olympic hero and more recently for his role on the reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Caitlyn came out as a trans woman. And she looks stunning! Her Vanity Fair cover for this month’s issue was revealed. The stunning photo shoot was done by none other than famed portrait photographer, Annie Leibovitz. The publicity Caitlyn has been getting has been a huge step in a positive direction for the LGBT community. Hooray for Caitlyn!

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1. #LoveWins


Our number one pick is, not surprisingly, the same-sex marriage ruling. That’s right, just incase you’ve been living under a rock, On Friday, June 26th, 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage. Making the good ol’ U-S- of -A. the 21st and most populous country to do so (and also filling our Facebook pages with so many rainbows). The hashtag #LoveWins also took over the internet as millions reached out to show their support. Here at Adult Socials we couldn’t be more pleased with this momentous decision!

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June Recap: Swingers Club Finds Jesus, Sex Tracking, Innovative Condoms, Caitlyn Jenner and #LoveWins