We hope you’re all having an awesome summer. Over here at Adult Socials things have been hotter than ever!

We’re super excited to end August off with a bang and to help us do that we are welcoming Prime Time to Bowery Bliss!

bowery-aug26So what is Prime Time?

Prime Time is a special on-premise event tailor specifically for a 45+ swingers crowd.

Here at Adult Socials we get special party requests all of the time, and the need for a more mature party has definitely been evident. So since you’ve been asking – we delivered:

Finally a swinger event for the more mature swinger!

•Are you tired of going to swinger parties where you feel like you are the oldest in the room?

•Or worse where most of the guests are your kid’s ages?

•Do you want to go to party with other hot swinger in your age bracket?

Well then Prime Time is for you!

Prime Time is specifically geared towards the 45+ crowd and those that admire them.

Imagine: sensual lounge music played at a volume that enhances connections….lighting that illuminates and compliments…..come play in a relaxed cocktail party vibe for discerning adults

Join us as we host “THE” swinger party for those in the “Prime” of their lives!

Please note: Being 45+ is not a requirement to attend – just a guideline.

RSVP (and get pricing details)

Mature Swingers Event at Bowery Bliss