Designer RelationshipsIf you’ve been following Jack’s radio show The Swinger Lifestyle (you really should be if you aren’t), you may have recently heard special guests Mark A. Michaels and Patricia Johnson discussing their latest book, Designer Relationships: A Guide to Happy Monogamy, Positive Polyamory, and Optimistic Open Relationships (You can listen to that show right now by clicking this link: The Swinger Lifestyle Episode 17).

I decided check out the book out myself, and it really was one of the bet
ter things I’ve read lately. Mark and Patricia’s perspectives on relationships and the various forms they can take on, are refreshing, intelligent, and certainly worth exploring.

Designer Relationships is a guide for co-creating a rewarding and positive relationship. Michaels and Johnson first show us how much contemporary relationships are evolving, which is a fascinating topic in its own right. They then go on to share powerful tools that can help to mold the type of partnership that truly works for you.

The book explores the idea that many of us may be choosing monogamy almost unconsciously and reflexively, without realizing that it may not be the best route for us. Many of us even get into relationships that we perceive to be monogamous, without first defining what monogamy means to us as individuals. This can be a recipe for disaster.

Don’t get me wrong though, at no point do Michaels and Johnson bash monogamy. Their book is very much focused on the strengthening of the couple dyad, which is extremely important whether the relationship is open or closed.

Michaels and Johnson explain various forms relationships can take on, provide interesting historical information about human sexuality, clear up plenty of negative sex myths, and provide tools for creating happy and fulfilling partnerships — among many other things — all in a concise book that shouldn’t take more than a few hours to read.

I was impressed by the broad scope of ideas were touched on in so few pages. They also include highlighted tip boxes throughout the book the provide useful examples, questions, and ways to create more open communication between you and your partner. If you are part of a couple (or ever plan to explore being part of a couple) you owe it to yourself and your partner to give this book a chance.

Check out Michaels and Johnson’s website and purchase your copy (or two) today!

Designer Relationships: Co-creating a Fulfilling Open (or Closed) Relationship