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Popular Swinger Terms:

Lifestyle – short for “swinger lifestyle”, this is a term that is often used to describe the swinger community and anything having to do with swinging

How long have you been in the lifestyle?

We try to attend lifestyle events at least twice a month.

(Please note that even though this term implies that swinging defines someone’s entire lifestyle. This is usually not the case.)

Vanilla – this is a term used to describe anyone or anything outside of the swinger lifestyle

Amy and Rob are a great couple, but they’re vanilla.

We can’t participate in the gangbang this weekend, we have a vanilla party to attend.

Newbie – a nickname given to those that are just starting out in the swinger lifestyle, not meant as an insult, only a distinction

The newbie couple started off by watching the action at the party.

Our Swinger 101 forum is perfect for newbies curious about swinging!

Unicorn – a nickname given to single female swingers, they are so rare it sometimes it seems like they don’t exist

The couple got to the swingers’ club early hoping to meet a unicorn.

Jane wasn’t a unicorn for long, Jimmy asked her to be his girlfriend after they met at Bowery Bliss.

Play – play is a common swinger term used to describe all kinds of sexual activity

We agreed to meet the other couple, but we told them that we don’t play on the first date.

Things really started to heat up on the dance floor at Caligula, so we headed upstairs to play.

Swapping – refers to the exchanging of partners between two couples

While we occasionally play with singles, we are mostly into swapping.

It’s not as simple as all that though! Sometimes you will notice swinger couples labeling themselves as soft swap or full swap.

Soft Swap – swingers that do not have actual intercourse with anyone other than their partners

The swinging activities of a soft swap couple could involve having same room sex with another couple, or they may prefer swapping and engaging in various levels of foreplay.

Full Swap – swinger couples that are open to sexual intercourse with new partners

It is not uncommon for couples to start off as soft swap and eventually graduate, so to speak, to full swap.

Threesome – refers to any number of configurations in which three people engage in sex simultaneously

Bob always dreamed of having a threesome.

Now to further expand your knowledge, here are some threesome configurations:

FFM or FMF – both of these threesomes involve the ever popular, two women and one lucky man scenario; the order of the letters can signify which gender is the center of attention, with the middle letter being the indicator

MMF or MFM – two men with one woman

FFF or MMM – three women, three men

So there you have it, we hope you’ve enjoying reviewing these words! For an even more comprehensive list of swinger vocabulary terms check out our Glossary of Terms

Swinger Vocabulary