Oh-la-la the ménage à trois! The threesome is a fairly common fantasy. In fact, many couples use a threesome as a way to get their feet wet, before plunging into the swinger lifestyle.

There are several different types of threesome configurations (you can check them out in this fun YouTube video on our channel), but the most popular fantasy involves a MF couple adding in another female. Sounds like a good time, right?! Still it’s important to remember that as erotic as the fantasy can be, threesomes can also go from amazing to awkward really quickly.

Here are our tips to help you have an awesome threesome experience:

Discuss it first

A threesome is definitely something that should be discussed first, not something that should happen on whim during a drunken night at the club. Plus, sometimes you’ll realize that just talking about the threesome fantasy can be enough to get you going all on its own! Be sure to make decisions on boundaries and rules, and be sure to stick to them in the heat of the moment!

Discussing the threesome with your newest addition is also important. They’re not just a sex toy for you and your partner. They have feelings too. Make sure that they understand the situation and your intentions.

If you’re all sure that you’re ready to take the plunge — go for it! Threesomes can be almost magical when done right!

Don’t choose a friend

The easiest way to complicate things really quick is to have a threesome with someone that either of you is friends with. We know the quest for a unicorn is not an easy one. And maybe her best friend is incredibly sexy. But it’s a really bad idea! Seriously, just don’t do it!

So where can you find someone who might be interested? Check to see if there are any swingers clubs in your area, or if there are any sex-positive Meetup groups nearby. These are both great places to start! Dating websites that cater to swingers (like SLS) can also be promising. There are a lot of them out there, we recommend trying a few free trials out, and seeing what sticks.

Use protection

Duh! New sexual partners mean new potential risks are involved. Condoms! Dental dams! This one is pretty obvious and hopefully shouldn’t need any explaining…

Keep everyone busy

If everyone isn’t participating, then you’re doing it wrong! The beauty of a threesome is all of those extra body parts — so put them to use! We also recommend putting a little more focus on your partner, without ever excluding the other person. No one should feel left out, but you also don’t want your partner to feel like you’re more interested in your newfound friend either.

Skip the sleepover

After your threesome fun, it’s best not to let your third wheel spend the night. You don’t have to kick them out as soon as you’ve finished, but you should probably spend the night with your partner only. It’s an important time for you two to reconnect and touch base as a couple.

Honesty afterwards

Discuss it afterwards. Sometime after your newfound friend leaves, talk about the threesome with your partner. Was it amazing or kind of awkward? Hotter than you’d ever imagined? Or not all it was cracked up to be? And how did it make you feel? Jealous? Excited? All these things should be discussed openly and honestly. Remember that you are both entitled to your own feelings. Hopefully it went so well that you’re already planning your next encounter!

Now go forth mighty sex adventurers and find yourselves a unicorn! And if you’re in NYC, be sure to check out Bowery Bliss, the largest on-premise swingers club in Manhattan!

Threesome Tips from Adult Socials