mylifeontheswingsetCooper S. Beckett, from the ever awesome website and podcast Life on the Swingset, put together an awesome collection of personal stories that chronicle his entrance and growth in the swinger lifestyle. His book, My Life of the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory, is an extremely entertaining read for just about anyone into or even curious about open relationships and kink.

I immediately knew I was in for a treat when I saw that in his brief bio on the back of the book, Cooper described himself as “Author. Podcaster. Pegging enthusiast.” This guy has a sense of humor I can get behind.. and yes, that pun was most definitely intended.

The book is made up of brief excerpts that hilariously archive Cooper’s journey. It begins with he and his wife opening their relationship and giving swinging a try. Through these brief chapters we see Cooper grow as both a sexual being and as person in general. He overcomes his shyness, learns all sorts of great things about what makes him happy, goes through a divorce, dabbles with polyamory and BDSM, experiences a prostate orgasm, and much more.

My Life on the Swingset is also full of geeky references and funny interruptions from an imaginary reader that likes to question Cooper. Admittedly some of his references went over my head, but I was still certain that they were clever. It’s obvious that Cooper knows how to keep his readers entertained at all times. Even though he has very strong opinions, he’s also extremely likable. His honesty and wit is nothing short of refreshing.

My Life on the Swingset is an intimate look into what it can be like to open a relationship and explore your sexuality in ways you never previously imagined. It will make you laugh and more importantly, reconsider some of your previous ideas about sexuality.

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Also, Cooper S. Beckett was a recently special call-in guest on The Swinger Lifestyle Radio show. Click here to listen in as he discusses bisexuality, polyamory, pizza and more with host Jack Irona.

My Life on the Swingset: Adventures in Swinging and Polyamory