Adult Socials

Adult Socials was formed to offer responsible adults, information, forums and events to help aid them in the pursuit of the swinging lifestyle. We are not affiliated with any religious or political organizations. Membership is free but all members must be over 21 years of age. We currently have over 260,000 members and run over 800 events per year.

To become a member of Adult Socials simply sign up for our newsletter. By doing so you automatically become a member of all our clubs. Some frequently asked questions about Adult Socials are listed below. Please take a moment to read through them.


Do I need to join Adult Socials to view the site? 

No. However you can not attend the majority of events unless you are a member or invited by a member. Also you will have to pay the non-member event rates and will not be allowed to attend member only events. In addition members are sent updates directly to their specific emails address.

I do not feel comfortable using my regular email adddress!

While we at Adult Socials strongly recommend an open and honest approach towards whatever lifestyle you chose to pursue, we understand that due to the sometimes puritanical nature of society it is sometimes imperative to keep one's sexual preferences confidential. For this reason we suggest you register for one of the numerous FREE email accounts that are available throughout the Internet. Example:, or

While most events do require legal ID to be admitted, becoming a member of Adult Socials is totally confidential and only requires a current email address as well as a declaration of being over 21. If you are under 21, please do not attempt to join.

Do I require a credit card?

Joining Adult Socials, viewing the website, as well as, joining our Newsletter is FREE…so no we do not require a credit card. However you must be over 21 to join Adult Socials.

How do I organize my own event?

Due to the current rise in popularity of swinging and the diverse backgrounds and desires of participants in the Lifestyle, many Adult Social members prefer to organize their own events, some are even Associate Members. In fact many current promoters started as guests at our events.

Adult Socials can assist on a variety of levels, from co-promoting the event to working out rental deals for the clubs we own. We are also currently accepting applications for associate members.

What is an Associate Member?

Associate members are basically partners with Adult Socials who promote their own events (promoters) or help to run other events (co-promoters & sub-promoters). In many instances Adult Socials assists with the set up and promotion of the events while the associate is the on-site host. This works very well for promoters outside the NYC area.

While hosts don't necessarily have to be long time swingers they should have some experience and must possess a friendly outgoing personality. Ideally they should be couples and host as a couple. However there are those singles that have been able to build up very successful parties and events solo. Remember most successful swinger events are hinged on the hosts running the event. The ability to put others at ease and have them feel comfortable is of the utmost importance.

Associates are broken up into two basic categories…

  • Locals Associates are those that help to promote Adult Socials events in the NYC area or promote their events in Adult Socials owned clubs.
  • Geographic Associates are protected geographically and are generally no closer than 100 miles from each other.
All associates are basically limited partners and only stay associates as long as both the associate and Adult Socials are satisfied with the situation.